We are no longer accepting applications for Summer 2021. 
Please check back in October of 2021 for information about the Summer 2022 application process.

For more information about the Admissions process please contact pathfinder@hopkins.edu.

Being Smart Is Awesome!

In elementary school, I thought being smart was a curse. The other kids gave me shade, made fun of me, and called me names. Even some of my friends didnt get why I liked learning and wanted something better for myself. Since going through Pathfinder, I feel great about being smart and wanting to learn.
Pathfinder is a fun, challenging after-school & summer program that prepares kids like you and me— high-achieving 5th–8th graders from New Haven Public Schools— to dream, learn, and succeed.

Program Details

4 Year Program Commitment:  4 Summers + after school

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